As you can see from my pictures below, I was trying to make a costume for a girl who should be on her first date. For the other character whose name was Garrett, I was trying to design a costume who just lost 300 pounds by eating onions everyday only. Basically, I recently completed my costume design of two characters from scene 4. You should be looking at a man who’s skinny¬† and healthy, wearing casual clothes because of his casual personality. For the girl, you should be looking at her wearing a gorgeous white dress with high heels.

I felt the process of designing costumes for my characters was entertaining and exciting due to the fact that it was my first time seriously designing costumes for a character. During the process, I’ve met challenges of drawing cloths, then I searched online and learned a little bit about drawing clothes. I would say the process was full of amusement but it was a painful process to me consider I had to draw everything by myself but I’m not good at drawing. As I was drawing my final costume design, I made a bunch of mistake like not putting enough color for my costumes and I was rushing my project.

I’ve learned from this process of designing costumes that one of the factors which theaters will need is designing costumes for thee characters on stage. Every single character’s costume is important because it has its own meaning/purpose, a symbol of something. I’ve also learned that making/designing costumes are hard, it truly needs a lot of time in order to design a perfect costume