Clip #1 – Act I: show from the start through 6:08

Clip #2 – Act II: show from the start through 7:20

Clip #3 – Act III: show from the start through 1:09

Clip #4 – Act III: show from 31:36-35.40

Clip #5 – Act III: show from 40:00 -the end of Act III

  1. Describe the movement in the clips you chose. What story are they telling?

They’re using their body language to tell the audience about a story of a little girl’s death

2. What information do we get about the characters and the community and the day-to-day life as seen through the physical action?

The women and the man should be a couple because they live in a same house, and the women was making food at the first, apparently it’s for her husband. Second, I think the husband’s job should be a hunter consider that he have a rifle/shotgun with him as he get back from somewhere.

3.Watch the clip once without sound and once with sound. Can you tell what is going on without the words and music?

I still know what’s going on without playing music because I can tell what’s going on with their body language, it tells me their action.But it’s hard to feel their feelings and the atmosphere within it without any music been played

4.highlight one “a’ha!” or cool moment that stood out to you in the clip.

In Act 2, I thought tat when the men was cleaning his face and his body was a very cool moment because I’ve never seen someone doing that kind of action on stage.