DEVISED THEATRE: A group of people having the same thoughts they have on their mind.


  • How does Devised Theatre differ from Interpretive Theatre (theatre from a playwright and a script) AND how is it the same?

The difference between devised theatre and interpretive theatre is that devised theatre does not use scripts at all, but they rehearse this by using everybody’s ideas . They’re the same because they both have to uses play in order to act.

  • What are some steps that were discussed in devised or devising theatre? Make sure to reference the video you are getting your answer(s) from. For example say, “In the video titled…”

In the video titled “Devising a Monster Calls”, it discussed steps which was included is to break down scenes first, so the actors can then improvise it. Moreover, while they’re improvising, there often will be a music been played as they improvise.

  • What are some BIG IDEAS that stuck with you from the videos knowing that this is something we are going to explore? What new knowledge are you going to bring with you into the process?

Improvising could be a bit hard… maybe at the start, but it should be quite fun as we start to do it I believe. Therefore I’ll need to learn some of these techniques more as we’re going to explore very soon.