Original prototype: A purse/wallet





Current Design Drawings: A glasses case








Presentation Poster

PP Softgoods Poster

Padlet link



I’m interested in designing a convenient glasses case with some attractive decorations on it. My goal is to make it big enough to put in a glasses.

Key Decisions

I want to make the form of my product as simple as it can be, because people like simple things nowadays. For its function, my product has no “flap”, compare with other glasses case which has it, since it was fairly complicated to process and the materials were restricted as well, therefore I thought this was a more simple way of doing it.


Through this whole process, what’s working well was that I had loads of ideas of the designs I wanted to make, and there were a variety of materials for me to use as well. Moreover, I would say the sketches and annotations of my designs were pretty good because I really put a lot of energy and effort into that, and it turns out to be very successful and helpful at the end, when designing my final product.

However, for next time, I want to bring the materials by myself because in that case there’ll be more choices for me to choose when designing. Also, I want to work better on my poster as well, I would rather hand made one rather than doing it on the computer since it’s more complicated. Moreover, I want to design a bag next time.