"I have no special talent. I am only passionately curious" - Albert Einstein


Define & Inquire- audience & precedents:

Made with Padlet

I have shown those examples in order to demonstrate my personal taste and interests, which are related to sports and video games.

Develop & Plan- generation of ideas, selection & development:

Preferred 3 ideas for further developments :



These designed concepts fulfill the users’ need because picture 1 demonstrates glasses which has protection to the costumers’ eye (shaded area). Picture 2 depicts a glasses with a thick frame, and picture 3 shows a glasses with round lenses, which also fulfill the users’ requirements.

Further changes:


What should I do to move ahead:

More specific details should be included in the sketches, then design it on illustrator. Afterward, laser cut it and ask somebody to wear it and receive feedbacks from them and make changes to it until you think the glasses is qualified for fulfilling the user’s need.

Create & Improve- prototyping, testing & refinement:





Final product:






Materials that I’ve used for my final product is transparent acrylic

Share & Reflect: 

It has a stylistic outlook, additionally, the designed glasses frame can protect users’ eyes effectively as well. However, colors should be added in order to attract user’s eyeball. Moreover, the “bridge” should be shorter because users will not be able to see anything if the frame is too big, and a nose pad could be considered too in order to make it the users feel more comfortable when using it.

My final design fits the users’ need because its lenses has protection effects which is suitable especially when playing sports. Moreover, what makes this product successful is the fact that it’s compacted and durable.

During the design process, what went well was that users could almost perfectly see through the lenses, and the outlook was better than I thought it would be. I would change the temples to a longer one if I had more time because it doesn’t feel comfortable when I tried it on, additionally, I would change the size of the lenses as well, it has to be bigger in order to see it more clearly. Moving on, I would like to design a 3D glasses (cinema ones) for next time, since the demand of this type of glasses is extremely strong.


  1. I think you covered all requirements of the blog post. I like the part where you have drew all different types of eyeglasses and decided to choose one from them.
    Some recommendations for you are to maybe mention the material that you have used for your final creation.

  2. By Kallika – I really like the way you added your sketches in the blog post , it specifies the readers about the actual process of making of eyeglasses. what i liked the most was that the glasses are strong and durable . I don’t feel that any changes need to be made in the blog 🙂

  3. Hi Tommy,
    Well done for your excellent design concept! I want to congratulate you for creating such an original concept, your brainstorming and visualiaztions resulted in some wonderful innovations.

    In future, you should try to make more specific justifications for your design decisions – why would your audience like a certain style or shape – how can you find this out?

    Your rough sketches show a great range of divergent ideas. You should keep practicing your 3D drawing skills as this will certainly help you improve as a designer.

    Thanks Tommy!

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