Student Lead Conferences 2018

L21 Standard: Problem-solving, critical thinking, and inquiry

Claim: Using Critical Thinking and Problem Solving, I could understand hard concepts and create good examples to create a successful gravity concept map.

Evidence: Gravity concept map for Science. 

Reasoning: The gravity concept map was a major science project this year. We had to answer questions, draw models and be creative. My language skills improved because I was able to explain complex topics concisely, use captivating models and words, and communicate in an interesting way to my readers. I was able to think critically to find good examples and solve problems by understanding difficult concepts, which let me create a detailed concept map.


Claim: Using critical thinking and inquiry, I was able to delve deeper into understanding and gaining new perspectives for the different subjects on the Socratic Seminars.

Evidence: Socratic Seminars in Humanities..

Reasoning: The Socratic Seminars are basically discussions and debates about a subject or thing. I was able to think critically about each subject to find the reasoning behind each subject and help support my view. I used inquiry to ask questions about others ideas and about the subject.


l21 skill: communication and collaboration

Claim: During the NIH project, I was able to collaborate with someone that I did not know well, and communicate ideas and suggestions.

Evidence: My NIH grade and slides for Science. Science Evidence

Reasoning: The NIH was another major science project this year. I was able to collaborate with my partner, Justin, and communicate ideas and possibilities with him.


Claim: By communicating ideas and information, my group was able to collaborate and answer questions innovatively and correctly.

Evidence: Picture of collaboration in Math. 

Reasoning: By not working as an individual, and collaborating with my group, I can show and successfully communicate and collaborate.


l21 skill: leadership and responsibility

Claim: In Humanities class when I was assigned, leader of a Socratic Seminar, I was able to develop and use my leadership skills to lead the group discussion, and get a good grade.

Evidence: Socratice Seminar in Humanities. 

Reasoning: Socratic Seminars are lead by discussion leaders. When I was assigned to be the discussion, I was able to use my leadership skills and successfully have a good discussion with my group.


Claim: By using responsibility, I have been able to finish all the math homework that has been assigned.

Evidence: Homework and Khan Academy records in Math. 

Reasoning:  I consistently do my homework on time and (mostly) properly, and because of that I show responsibility.


Highlights from learning

Areas that need to be improved

Hopes for Grade 9