Photos of Life – My One Day Project

My OneDay project was to take pictures of different kinds of life. We went to the village behind BSB to take pictures of village life. We were able to take pictures of people, dogs, buildings, ice, trees and other things that we could find there. We had a lot of fun taking pictures of the dogs, we probably have 5 billion pictures of them. (A few of the dogs even posed!) 

Then we went to the Wen Yu River to take pictures of river life. We were able to take pictures of the fishermen there, fish, plants, the river, the road, crops, and the sky. As we were walking along the road, we found some dolls sitting behind a trash can. We took a couple pictures of those too, they were pretty creepy. 

Then we were asked to take pictures of Middle School life. I went around taking pictures of people in their OneDay groups, and in my own. These are a few pictures that I was able to get. 

I was able to learn how to make pictures with different looks, how lighting affects the picture, and that even the smallest things can be the coolest picture! I would recommend doing this as a OneDay project who likes photography, or who wants to get better at taking pictures. All you have to do is try!