Engineering Project Blog Post #3

For the first two class, I started making my first prototype, I used simple and cheap materials: paper, wood, and wire, simply just to test the measurements I decided on the blueprint. It didn’t work for the first few times, so I had to adjust the size and the material of fan. After spending the first class getting the right measurements, I worked on with better materials the next class for my 2nd prototype: Carboard wood, wood, wire, wood stick, and tinfoil. I got the right measurements this time and the prototype worked out fine, so for the final product, without changing any measurements, I tried to make it work better. I spent my final 2 classes finding better materials, sanding the wood and simply make the product works better. After finishing the product, I went on the testing. It worked for the first tries, but it braked when I tried for the 2ed time.

For my Science project, I want to make a light heat carrousel, I will use two or three mirrors to refraction the sunlight, the sunlight will produce the heat energy, and the heat energy will make the carousel start turn around.

The material that I need: Peace of Wood, Paper, Mirrors.













Grade 8 Chinese Cultural Revolution in Plain English

In the past few weeks, my teammates and I have been studying on the Chinese Cultural revolution to understand the history of the place we live in. This rebellion has run its course over 10 years and is definitely worth the time used researching it. After studying, our project is to make a Common Craft Video about Chinese Cultural Revolution. A Common Craft Video is a visual explanation that’s simple and should be under 6 minutes. There were many problems with time management. However, we have pick ourselves up and finish recording, cutting, and editing. At the end, we learn lot of thing about China and learned how to work through stressful situations and collaborate with each other.



Blog#4 Book “March”

“Blacks were freed from slavery a century before the Civil Rights Movement, and had theoretically been granted equal rights in all aspects of life for many years – but the theoretical aspect and the real-world aspect were vastly different. By the time John Lewis becomes active in the Civil Rights Movement of the 1950s and 1960s, many black people are tired of living in fear and are ready to fight for the real-world application of equal rights. One of the main aspects of equality is based on the idea of segregation and integration.”

“Lewis is thrilled when he learns that the Supreme Court has thrown out the accepted practice of “separate but equal.” Until then, school districts and businesses could provide a separate facility for blacks. School districts are the most common place this is seen during this time”

I believe this book shows a very accurate depiction of what happened in that time period. The subject is meaningful and historically accurate, doing a wonderful job of using vivid imagery to paint a picture showing what it was like to be a black man at that time. The story of John Lewis is a extraordinary story that is truly a good read.

blog #3

The book was called Skeleton creek which is written by Patrick Carman. I used a really dark background because the whole story is talking about some strange things are happening in Skeleton Creek, so I funded an abandoned hospital picture for my background picture. The story is talk about Ryan and Sarah are trying to get to the heart of it, after an eerie accident happened, Ryan housebound and forbidden to see Sarah, and that’s what story going on. At the end of story, Ryan can’t write this story any more cause he doesn’t scare any more.