Horror story: My Life Without Sugar

I think we did the Sugar Free week to educate us about the danger of sugar, and how sugar is all around us. The whole purpose of this whole Sugar Free Week is to sort of make us, as independent learners, to realize the proper food diet we should be taking. This whole week, I had really struggled after school, because I was used to eating a snack when I come home. And with such limited options for eating, I was really hungry. The solution: My mum baked me completely sugar free cookies that tasted just as good.

As myself, I think I am going to start a new diet plan. I am going to reduce the amount of sugar eaten on weekends, and eat VERY little sugar on weekdays, just the amount to keep me full. As a family, I think my mum has already taken a lot of steps for reducing sugar consumption. My mum is a baker, and she makes really tasty treats, ┬ábut now she tries to make healthy substitutions in the ingredients. In the school, I think, kids consume the most amount of sugar. There are lost of tasty sugary goods in the cafeteria, and many kids can’t resist them. Even I can’t, so my suggestion to the school cafeteria, is not to take away all the sugary things, but to replace everything with less sugary things, like maybe there is a less sugary Ice Tea or a healthier way to make a cupcake.

To sum this up, I think this week has been very educational about the importance of healthy eating. It has really made me put into perspective the dangers of sugar. This week was pretty good, and i recommend doing this next year, although the next year students won’t like it very much.

These are some of the foods I had during the Sugar Free Week:

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