ONE DAY 2017 – Drawing and Sketching

For ONE DAY, Carlos and I did drawing and sketching. Our goal was to create 1-2 drawings which are at our levels of drawing, which show a combination of different drawing/ sketching styles in less than 2-3 hours. We both learned many different things while doing the research, such as the difference between a HB pencil and a 2B pencil. We also did some self-learning by collating all we learned to draw basic pictures. We did this to aid us in making the main drawing. In the end we managed to push our limits to create the main drawing. We were able to complete most of our goal and we have both felt as if we have learned a lot today. The only thing I think we could have done better was manage our time, we only had time to research and make one main drawing. If we had managed our time better, I think we could have made at least 2 drawings per person. All in all, I think our ONE DAY was very successful and I hope to do the same topic next year.

Adit Jacob 68


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