Sustainable Solutions to Feeding the Future

During the course of this unit, I have learned and practiced many skills in order to create an efficient and productive strategy to counter food-waste and unsustainable practices.

As a group, we understood and highlighted the inefficacies within modern consumerism, and decided to utilize “pay by weight” strategies within the Mondo sandwich bar in order to reduce food waste. Paying by weight increases consciousness and reduces food intake, in turn reducing food waste. Another idea we had was to completely replace regular, more commercially available eggs/chicken with free-range eggs, as free-range eggs are a moral choice, a comparatively healthier selection, and much more environmentally friendly. Our final idea, to completely eradicate the use of beef within the cafeteria was based solely on our team research. Beef is an extremely unsustainable food choice, and thus, we believed that eradicating beef was the most cost efficient method, increasing ISB’s sustainability exponentially.

While writing my Sci-Fi story: 2050, I dove into the intricacies of the common man; our moral beliefs and how they shape how we impact the environment. It was extremely beneficial for me not only as a writer, but also as a student who wishes to make an impact within my community, as it allowed met to really understand the dire situation our planet is facing, and how we can help to change it.

During the unit however, I did not only increase my general knowledge regarding the issues our planet currently faces, but also improved upon a few specific soft skills such as effective communication, collaboration, and using feedback to improve my general project.

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