Organic Opportunities

For our final project: Ignite Personalize It, we (Jacob, Christopher, Jason, Austin) decided to find ways to assist a local farm. Christopher and I tackled the challenge of marketing, and establishing suitable business partnerships to increase revenues; whereas Jason and Austin worked on designing an experiential learning program for schools, mainly ISB.

Originally, as a group our idea was essentially to design a curriculum based experiential learning program, however, after discussion with Mr. Moniz, we decided to streamline our research towards 2 different concepts. Christopher & I worked towards establishing a business relationship between Sodexo; firstly by understanding the certifications and permits required by the 14.8 billion dollar company. We began to research means to obtain these permits, and then pitched our idea to Mrs. Yang, the owner of the farm. Due to prejudices towards lower class people, Mrs. Yang believed that obtaining a business permit was not possible, and so we completely switched to marketing. We began to design posters and infographics to present to parents. In all, I believe this project was a success, and I have really developed important life skills, in contrast to previous Ignite Weeks where I felt I developed a single, quite specific skill.

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