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What are you looking forward to learning in Grade 8 this year?

My Humanities experiences in both grade 7 and 8 were both extremely informative and interesting, however, in grade 8 I hope to challenge myself with topics previously not taught. I am looking forward to studying the revolutions (Most of all the French revolution) as I believe it will provide a more intellectual side to a Humanities normally focused on basic writing and discussion, which I believe is beneficial it its own way, yet still not as interesting and educational. During these discussions, the intellect, thoughts, and beliefs of the other students in the class are another part of the Humanities curriculum that greatly intrigues me, as I believe that understanding these multiple perspectives allows me to learn and understand valuable insights to multiple points of discussion.

What challenges will you face?

This Humanities year, I believe I will face multiple challenges, but personally, the one that seems most daunting is the mentioned above. Understanding and taking into count different perspectives is one of many key skills required in any functional community or group, but I feel it is one I have not yet mastered.

What is your plan to meet these challenges?

To begin to respect different opinions and truly understand them, I believe the only possible solution is to regularly discuss amongst my fellow peers and group members, as only through discussion can one can begin to understand and see ones opinion.


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