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For my multimedia post. I decided to step outside my comfort zone and create a website to display my learning. 61 Hours, by Lee Child is the 14th thriller book of the hugely successful and influential Jack Reacher series.  Many aspects play a hugely important role in the general structure of the story, some being more than others. The setting allows Child to really begin formatting his story, allowing for a hugely gripping and suspenseful story altogether. The following paragraphs will begin to describe the setting as well as other related aspects to the reader as well as explain my choice of multimedia.

The story is set in Bolton, South Dakota, and plays a key role in 61 Hours. Bolton, as referred to in the book multiple times, is an extremely cold, dreary, and isolated city, perfectly incorporating multiple key elements of the story itself. As described by Child, in the form of the main character Reacher, Bolton is unlike most sub-zero cities in the world, being cold and dreary, however, lacking much of the technology possessed by others.
“He was already seriously cold. His face was numb. His feet were freezing.” Short concise sentences, yet extremely informative and important to the reader. Child brilliantly manages to begin to quite wholly describe Bolton as a city, and implicates the possible story-line; relating to isolation, fear, and helplessness. I can, on a personal level, relate to Reacher’s situation. While few have been to locations as cold as Child describes Bolton to be, in the northern isolated regions of China, within the Xinjiang province I have visited the Nalati grasslands. While temperatures seldom reach below -20 Celcius, the feeling of helplessness is still ever-present.  The feeling that you are completely in the hands of nature, where nothing man can do can possible assist is a feeling many fear, while many seek. Lee Child’s choice of Bolton is in short, the most unique and vivid setting I have ever read in a book.

As for my multimedia, I chose to create a Airbnb type website, as within the beginning pages of the story, Reacher is forced to stay with volunteers within Bolton. Reacher stays with police officer Peterson and his wife Kim, both whom which become key figures in the story. The main picture on the home page was selected to not only display the isolation and nomadicity of Bolton, however, to also display how important the home is to Reacher. The bright lights represents comfort and warmth, beautifully displaying my thoughts and beliefs regarding the house. To describe the house and the location, I chose to use multiple quotes from the book to retain the authenticity and truth of the descriptions. I also included a short About Us for Peterson and Kim, to briefly describe them to the viewer, as well as to provide valuable information regarding the plot such as “a few minutes away from the jail.” Once again, to retain the general authenticity of the site. I created a booking option for the site, however, I could not do much with it as for hotel related services one would have to upgrade to Wix premium and the free options were catered towards sessions and classes.

In all, I am extremely pleased with my multimedia, and feel like I have stretched myself extremely by understanding the structural elements Wix has to offer.

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