Psych In Pingyao

I enjoyed our train rides to and from Pingyao greatly, as I got to hang out with friends. During the journey, I learned how to use the Nintendo Switch as well as how to fully utilize Darren’s hair gel. I also received a free calculus lesson from Loup Wang.
By the end of the trip, I learned much about Pingyao and Shanxi culture, as well as information about my friends that I was previously unaware of.
Regarding the Pingyao challenge, I believe our group effectively combined the major aspects of the challenge: fun and collaboration, to achieve our end goal to our best of efforts. We explored Pingyao while trying new foods and we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves while also visiting all the locations on the itinerary. All in all I believe our group was extremely successful in all aspects of the Pingyao Challenge, which we all greatly enjoyed.
I believe the best moments of the trip were definitely when I was with all my friends, as it allowed for all of us to discuss and catch up regarding the trip. The performance at the Pingyao theater was also extremely memorable, however, I most enjoyed playing Psych with my room mates, an online game with the singular goal of making the other person laugh.
The most challenging aspect of the trip was definitely sharing a room with 2 other boys, as sleeping in a smaller bed can prove to be a problem. We dealt with this issue by equally dividing the bed as we did the room, and by waking up earlier so as to better utilize our time.
The most memorable experience of Pingyao would have to be simply walking and biking around the town, as it allowed for us to meet with friends and purchase whatever we wished to. I will also definitely remember the matching hats we had bought for our group.
For suggestions for next year’s trip, I would recommend possibly reducing time spent in rooms so as to allow for more free time to explore Pingyao. I also believe the “lights off” time could possibly be pushed back as it allows for us to participate in more activities. A more challenging change to implement would be to increase the amount of time spent in Pingyao as I believed it was extremely short.

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