In our Case classes so far, we have learned about the design process, specifically the three components of design, define and inquire, develop and plan, create and improve, as well as the general stage of reflections present throughout. We have also learned about the general social studies methodology, different types of questions (probing, clarifying, expanding etc.), effective interviews, and designing. My thinking was most changed when I learned about the different types of questions as it pushed me to start thinking and improving my questioning skills, as well considering the effectiveness of my question. I have most developed my designing skills, as the quick-think challenge encouraged me to design faster, allowing me to produce multiple different ideas in a shorter period time, providing me with more room to work with.

The feedback I received was quite useful and provides some valuable questions for building my design upon. For instance, the reviewer’s question of whether my flood-proof door would allow for an efficient entrance/exit from the building displays that my portable boat design may have to be better visualized or that a new idea must be developed. This questions specifically identifies a design/visualization flaw present in my work, and allows me to further develop my idea, while the positive feedback provides me with an understanding that my general design seems plausible and effective.

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