Design Challenge 1: Refining Oral Presentations

For Case, we worked on our first design challenge. The presentation was around our solution to a given problem (My problem was that a restaurant in the Hutongs was recently flooded and damaged and need repairing)

During the course of today’s class, I made multiple changes to both the content and communication aspects of my presentation, including adding my iterations to my design as well as better utilizing my body movement. For instance, the design of my bridge was continuously worked on and improved upon, and by including my thinking process I better explained the uses and benefits of my product. As for body movement, I believe utilizing my hands to point out the aspect of my system I was describing made it much clearer to the reader what I was explaining.

If I were to work on this project once more, I would focus on modulating my voice, as more modulation can better engage the listener. I would also include a more thorough description of the science behind each of my products within my system, so as to improve the content of my presentation overall.

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