Design Challenge #1 Reflections

Reflecting on my first design challenge, I believe an area I excelled in was my defining and inquiring process, as I thoroughly researched precedents to my design and scientific evidence supporting my claim. I also utilized my poster to better explain to the audience the specifications and intricacies of my design and issue. If I were to repeat this project, I would repeat my defining and inquiring process, as I believe it was extremely effective.
As for possible improvements, I could have better created and improved my project, as the time period for the design challenge was extremely limited. If I were to repeat this design process, I would better design my product with scientific evidence, and seek feedback as to how the design may be limited in certain aspects. By doing so, I can better improve my product so as to better fit the needs of my target audience.
An iteration strategy I utilized was using feedback to improve my product. While I believe receiving feedback is essential to the development of any item, if I were to repeat this process, I would challenge the reviewer to provide informative feedback rather than recording mere observations.
In the planning stage I most enjoyed the research component, as I believe I am naturally inclined to content rather than aesthetics. The research stage challenged me to better understand the situation of my target audience and the science behind my solution and was essential to the development of my project.
By researching possible materials, as well as their respective environmental impacts and costs, I can better create a project that is both environmentally friendly and economically efficient. As the design is for a restaurant that sponsors multiple families in the Hutongs, I believe my product is naturally responsible design as it supports the community in various ways.
My poster displays that I am an organized and thorough learner and presenter, as I believe my layout was well-formatted and well-explained. The textual explanations of the diagram also display that I enjoy informative research.

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