Define & Inquire – MISO Map

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The define and inquire stage is essential to the design process as without it preceding work would be vague and unplanned. With the design and inquire process one can begin to understand the possible challenges, requirements, and goal of their project, allowing them to plan and prepare for a multitude of outcomes. The defining aspect allows for a better understanding of the issue, while the inquiring aspect highlights the possible limitations and benefits of your design.

Activities such as researching and planning can best support the design and inquire stage as they provide an effective method of understanding the issue as well as the plausible solution. These elements of the process are also essential to social studies, as the subject revolves around inquiry. Without compelling questions, the study of social sciences would be fruitless, akin to how without defining and inquiring, the design process would be ineffective.

Adit Jacob 9CASE_Inquiry_Map


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