CASE Episode 1

For my revised podcast, I improved upon multiple aspects of the previous podcast to better satisfy the requirements provided in the rubric. Firstly, focusing on the technical proficiency of the podcast, I created and found different transitions to suit and improve my podcast greatly. These transitions worked effectively in improving the general flow of conversation, and also helped better engage the audience. I also improved the audio quality of certain files by adjusting the position of my phone multiple times to see which position best improves the audio (certain files were of a lesser quality due to the AC on in the apartment here in HCMC). As for Fitting for the Purpose aspect of the rubric, I decided to add 2 audio files that I believe helped target the intended audience better. The first recording introduced the podcast, and specified that the podcast was created for those interested in COVID-19. The second recording was used as an outro, and informed the listeners to stay tuned to the podcast if they wanted weekly updates on the virus and its impacts globally. In all, while there are certainly still improvements that can be made to this podcast, I believe I did a satisfactory job in creating a podcast that better satisfies the requirements provided by the rubric.

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