Pop Art Journal 1

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For the Pop Art unit in Studio Art, I decided to create a mass-produced piece that combines artist’s distinctive styles and products that reflect the preference of the general population. Some specific elements that I thought well express the distinct styles of pop art were intense color, bold lines, and the use of comic strips. I started gathering recognized artist’s paintings that suitably express these features, then drafted them out in my sketchbook. Combining well-known pieces’ artistic styles with popular products turned out really creative. For example, Keith Haring’s the dance inspired me to develop his iconic characters with a popular brand Uno, a mass-produced/low-cost brand that appeals to youth. The use of bold lines and intense color furthered the styles of pop art and created a powerful effect. Some other ideas I came up with are closely related to politics that depicts the current society. Since pop art uses irony as a principal theme and builds controversial subjects, I attempted to link my drawing to reveal the existing political issues. However, my first idea was the most suitable for this unit as it consists of most of the pop art elements. I’m happy that my ideas show the popular culture and that there are several possible ways of creating this art. I considered making this piece into actual cards, but painting on a massive canvas would also work. My next step is to draft in detail and choose the materials.

I’m looking forward to challenging myself to further the understanding of pop art through creating my own piece:)

Rough Sketch:


Pop Art Journal 2

Practice:  Before creating my final piece, I practiced drawing Keith Haring’s characters with different media such as acrylic paint, markers, and pen. Watching videos and recreation done by other artists also helped me to develop my ideas for the final piece.


Practice & Progress images: d6am1tpxs7p6cfhj

This is my final artwork for the Pop Art unit. Creating this piece took great time and effort, but I’m satisfied with how it turned out.

I tried to make a piece that would make people feel cheerful since pop art usually deals with exciting subjects and wild designs. The use of intense colors and bold lines in my piece are also key features of pop art. Moreover, it is characterized by vivant and bright colors with an advertising mass-produced object (aimed at youth).

I made some changes after planning journal 1. I decided to use markers and paper because I was too familiar with canvas and acrylic paint. I wanted to challenge myself and further my art skill through exploring new media.

One challenging part was combining Andy Warhol’s style and Keith Haring’s iconic characters. Both artists had distinctive styles, thus it was hard balancing these two unique features. My solution to this was adding characters playing cards to show both mass-produced objects and unique figures.


I’m pretty satisfied with my final artwork since it shows most of the pop art styles. However, some changes I would make are adding colors to characters and making ‘UNO’ bigger. Above all, using digital media. All other classmates had several options to print in different sizes and colors, which allows them to have more exploration with unlimited experimental possibilities.

I believe this unit was a great learning experience to explore different pop art styles and media.













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