Driving Question: What sustainable solutions can we create to feed our growing population?

During our Feed the Future unit, we learned how to prepare and decide if a type of food was sustainable for the future considering the harm to the environment, resources, our own health, and also the major population growth that’s going to happen in the next few years. Furthermore, my thinking changed a lot during this unit. I used to think that feeding the future was just about increasing our resources, but now I think that feeding the future is about finding what kinds of foods are sustainable. This can save a lot of people on earth especially when the population is constantly increasing. Adding on, I used to think that feeding the future was finding hope and seeking for the best, but now I think that feeding the future is about protecting our own planet and future. This is because we are the problem of feeding the future, but we are also the solution if we start to take action now. It is our responsibility to save our own species and the environment. On the other hand, both times before and after, I thought and still think that feeding the future is very important for us to make this world a better place. There is still a lot of problems we face in finding sustainable foods, but I think that the most important one to address is us. I learned that humans can make a huge difference on our planet by just changing parts of their choices with buying stuff in the store and what they do with them afterward. The invention of agriculture was wise and helpful in many cases like the technology and transportation that almost every family has now, but it can also lead to our own extinction if we keep on ignoring the problems that come with it. We don’t know exactly what will happen fifty years from now, but I do know that there will not be blue skies and healthy air if we go on like this.