Driving Question: How do societies meet their needs?

Some interesting things I learned about are: supply and demand, trade wars, landforms, which helped me understand how societies meet their needs. For example, when looking back at many ancient civilizations and where they settled, I learned that the rivers that had fertile land were very important to grow crops and survival. Furthermore, supply and demand is an important part of the market because it determines how much factories produce and what the price that the goods or services are. Before this project I used to think that the trades going on in the world wouldn’t affect me that much, now I think differently. The trade conference and the Opium War changed my thinking because it made me realize how the decisions that governments make have a global impact and can also influence the citizens in the country. For example, if there was a trade war between China and Japan, the price of the normal goods that our family uses frequently like brands of pots and pans or cereal and candy would rise up. Looking back on Project Trade Up, I realize there are many different parts to accomplish before meeting the society’s needs. For example, exploring, problem-solving, and learning from other societies, and finding a good location to settle. Also trading with other nations while thinking of supply and demand in the market, and how it benefits our own community. However, a big question I still have is if a country disagreed or betrayed a trade agreement, would they go to war immediately.