For the first ignite week, I chose Iron Chef. David, Jonathan and I as a group are making food with the special ingredient: butternut squash/pumpkin. Therefore, my audience and the user is the whole FA and the principals who are going to be the judges to four groups with two or three dishes for each group. Having butternut squash as the ingredient was really surprising and it was an ingredient that none of us really uses, so this was struggling to find out what to do. In the end, we were inspired by a recipe we found online for fritters and pasta.

Frying Fritters with Oil

First Batch of Fritters








These are also the two dishes we will try to make for the next few days to test for taste and flavoring. I hope we are able to cook something that is tasty and good looking at the end of the week for our audience to enjoy, in the meantime also leveling up my cooking skills. However, I think it might be difficult to make everything very good and to make the flavoring because I barely cook at home and my family doesn’t really put any seasoning when they cook at home. Overall it was a very good first day of cooking, and I look forward to the remaining week in the kitchen.

Our Group getting Prepared