Looking at my first and second prototype, I noticed that the pasta and fritters came out way better than I thought it would. I also noticed that the fire was too big for the fritters on the second prototype so it kind of got burnt or overcooked very fast, but the recipe¬†worked very well. One of the biggest challenges was to control the fire with the oil and to control how much seasoning to add. I struggled to do the seasoning because I barely put any at home when cooking so I don’t really know how much we needed to add to get the right flavor that our audience would like.

Ingredients for Pasta and Fritters

After getting feedback from our user, we learned that we could add more pepper and turn the fire to 4 or 5 instead of 6 or 7. To improve how our fritters taste, we will add more seasoning and add cilantro into the batter to make the flavor richer and hope the judges and our audience will like it.

Second Batch of Fritters