Final Product – Wisteria Fan

Chinese Embroidery:
For this year’s One Day, I chose to do Chinese Embroidery because I like to do DIY, and this was a chance for me to do an actual project for the day.
My inspiration for my embroidery fan came from the internet in this link, the flower on the fan is called Wisteria (紫藤).

For One Day, I think I did well in learning how to use the needle and I incorporated the new styles of embroidery I learned into my final product. However, I faced many challenges while working on this project, including the time limit, untying knots, and it was also mentally and physically challenging to sit in one place for the entire day staring at one thing. I overcame these challenges by finishing my fan at home, as the entire product took me about 11 hours. I think One Day is important because we get to learn new things and experience work that we never even touched before and we get to express our ideas through this project.