When browsing through the internet, looking through what types of health-related information can very well directly affect your decisions and thoughts about that subject. Not all sites are safe, therefore, reliability is a must when curating resources, making sure that the place you are gaining information from is true and trustworthy. To ensure that a certain source is reliable, you have to go through and follow the CRAP Test: Currency, Relevance, Authority, and Purpose. For example, I searched up “Paleo Diet” on the web, and I found thousands of sources corresponding to that subject, so I had to see which ones were reliable. Mayo Clinic was one of the more reliable sources as it shows facts from a hospital, not to mention that the site is a qualified organization. Now I understand that the purpose of the Paleo Diet is to return to the Paleolithic era, experiencing what early humans ate. Reliable sources are important for collecting health-related information and understanding new topics about health.