Overview of the Project:
We just went through Project Capstone. During this project, we learned all about the issues in China and how they connect globally to the Sustainable Development Goals created by the United States, covering issues all around the globe. I chose to focus on the topic of electronic waste including; phones, TVs, computers, batteries, etc. After doing countless amounts of research and investigations, we wrote an argumentative essay of our findings and made a call to action video to encourage our audience to take action. I have concluded that the solution to e-waste is refusing the new. I really enjoyed going through this last project of the year and of middle school.

Reflection to the Driving Question:
How can I be an agent of change?

One thing I found really surprising was that citizens are not informed about the negative impacts of electronics, which made me think about all the other problems that we are not aware of. For example, after conducting an investigation on a small sample of Beijing residents, I found out that up to 54% of responders keep their unused electronics because they don’t know how to dispose of them. Concluding that citizens of Beijing are not aware of the deadly outcomes, therefore not taking any action, making the issue worse. On the other hand, since I am aware of this global and local issue, I should take the lead and spread awareness through social media and bring the country’s attention to the problem. While doing my part and not buying the new technology that comes out every few months or years. Even the smallest action makes a difference.
Before this project I used to think that the government of each country should take the responsibility to complete the 17 Sustainable Development Goals, now I think that the citizens, including myself, also have the potential to make the world a better place. For example, I created a call to action video and wrote an essay, both related to the topic of e-waste in China, connecting it to a global matter. Through these two products, I did my best to gain empathy from my audience by informing them about the harm e-waste is causing, and gave them the opportunity to join me and be an agent of change by altering their actions.
Looking back on this Capstone Project, I realize that everyone has the ability to be an agent of change by doing their part in taking action to make an impact. For example, sticking a poster about saving water and electricity in your apartment, or creating a call to action video like we did to post on social media. While personally using less water at home. With everyone participating in taking even the smallest action, I believe we can develop a better community and become one step closer to achieving the SDGs. However, a big question I still have is how can the government contribute more to the country?