This propaganda poster is an advertisement for Krav Maga (a type of martial arts) lessons led by me. Its intended audience is primarily the younger generations who would like to learn some general fighting techniques, and especially for females who are interested in self-defense skills.

Firstly, the most salient feature is the photo of me in the middle of an attack move. Blurring out my opponent and placing myself at the center of the poster allows the audience to better focus on me. Furthermore, the dynamic pose with the “epic” filter also appeals to pathos, giving the audience a feeling of strength and power, as if this scene was taken from an action movie, and thus enticing the audience to achieve this skill level as well by taking classes with me.

Moreover, the curved slogan of “Empower Yourself with AKARI OH” is a short, straightforward, and imperative line to the audience. This is an appeal to logos that connects to the audience since they will logically think that attending my lessons will be beneficial to empower themselves. The white outlined and all capitalized text also makes my name very prominent within the slogan, bringing attention to myself as the instructor. Additionally, the bright dark red color has connotations of vigor, courage, and leadership, further enhancing the theme of power presented in martial arts.

Finally, the texts and logo at the bottom of the poster appeal to ethos, where I state that this advertisement is from a “certified training academy”, I have “won 20+ championship leagues”, and I “train professional bodyguards and national security teams”. Thus, establishing credibility to the audience through my qualified experiences, and further prompting them to take lessons from the “Master of Krav Maga”.