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The Future is in Your Hands

Driving Question: What sustainable solutions can we create to feed our growing population? During our Feed the Future unit, we learned how to prepare and decide if a type of food was sustainable for the future considering the harm to… Continue Reading →

An Awesome DIY Mess

  Stephanie, Tiana and I made DIY Skincare for the whole school day and the process of making it was really fun. We made soap, lip balm, and bath bombs. One challenge we faced was not being able to dissolve the… Continue Reading →

Life Threatening Decision


A preposition is words that shows position and direction, and also shows relationships between it’s object and another word in the sentence.


An interjection is words that express how you feel and to separate it from a  sentence, use a comma or an explanation point.

“The Cause”

Origami Story

I created an origami tutorial showing how to make a lily flower, a transforming ninja star and a kusudama. The tutorial and origami turned out very well overall with music, transitions and fancy titles which made the video look professional…. Continue Reading →

Colors Like The Rainbow

Jump into a Book!

  Do you like books about adventure, fairytales, and a little bit of mystery? Then I highly recommend you to read, The Land of Stories, by Chris Colfer! The Land of Stories introduces you to a 13th year old boy… Continue Reading →

Impact Project Reflection

For this Impact project and fair, I personally think that we didn’t do a very good job. I think this because we didn’t put a lot of effort into this project because we only did two easy and simple things… Continue Reading →

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