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Grade 8

Personalize It: Create & Improve + Share & Reflect

I started my project well, with all the colors organized and having a plan of what to do, but I realized that I overestimated my skills and how fast I could stitch. As even if I worked over the weekend,… Continue Reading →

Personalize It: Define & Inquire + Develop & Plan

I got the idea of doing a cross stitch because I did Chinese embroidery on One Day this year, and I enjoyed that a lot. So, I found a similar project to work on for this Ignite Week – Personalize… Continue Reading →

Project Capstone – The Other Side

 Overview of the Project: We just went through Project Capstone. During this project, we learned all about the issues in China and how they connect globally to the Sustainable Development Goals created by the United States, covering issues all… Continue Reading →

Importance of Reliable Resources

When browsing through the internet, looking through what types of health-related information can very well directly affect your decisions and thoughts about that subject. Not all sites are safe, therefore, reliability is a must when curating resources, making sure that… Continue Reading →

Express It: Final Presentation

Looking back at this project, I learned how to use different carving tools and how to work a circuit using wires and conductive tape. Knowing what I know now, I would do the wires differently for the big wand because… Continue Reading →

Express It: Create & Improve

Looking at our first and second prototype, I noticed that our hot gluing and carving skills got better a lot as we did more and more. Also, the LED light on our intricate wand turned out pretty good after many… Continue Reading →

Express It: Develop & Plan

First of all, here’s my plan for this week:               Furthermore, to think our project through, we decided to sketch and draw a model of how the wands are going to look like, along… Continue Reading →

Express It: Define & Inquire

For the second ignite week, I chose Fandom. Fandom is where we get to turn our obsessions into reality, making a real-world object to showcase a favorite element from our favorite story. May and I chose Responsibility/Self-management for our L21…. Continue Reading →

Wisteria Wonder

Chinese Embroidery: For this year’s One Day, I chose to do Chinese Embroidery because I like to do DIY, and this was a chance for me to do an actual project for the day. My inspiration for my embroidery fan… Continue Reading →

Project Space Race – Capricruise Races to the Exoplanet

Overview of the Project: We just went through Project Space Race. During this project, we learned all about how space programs and rovers work, how space and our moon orbits, along with many design tech techniques. At the start of… Continue Reading →

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