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Express It: Final Presentation

Looking back at this project, I learned how to use different carving tools and how to work a circuit using wires and conductive tape. Knowing what I know now, I would do the wires differently for the big wand because… Continue Reading →

Express It: Create & Improve

Looking at our first and second prototype, I noticed that our hot gluing and carving skills got better a lot as we did more and more. Also, the LED light on our intricate wand turned out pretty good after many… Continue Reading →

Express It: Develop & Plan

First of all, here’s my plan for this week:               Furthermore, to think our project through, we decided to sketch and draw a model of how the wands are going to look like, along… Continue Reading →

Express It: Define & Inquire

For the second ignite week, I chose Fandom. Fandom is where we get to turn our obsessions into reality, making a real-world object to showcase a favorite element from our favorite story. May and I chose Responsibility/Self-management for our L21…. Continue Reading →

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