Academic Goal: I will get to 50% on Khan Academy Algebra 1 by the end of December.
I will actively work on this goal by starting to do Khan Academy every week for at least an hour, so every night I will do ten minutes to catch up, or I could do a lot at once on the weekends. I can also ask my parents for help if I don’t understand the questions.

Wellness Goal: I will start working on my homework the point I get home for the next month.
I will actively work on this goal by setting an alarm to remind me not to play with my computer and get my homework done first. I will also set a timer for 40 minutes after I start so that I can have a five-minute break to improve my quality of work.

Personal Goal: I will get all meetings in my orchestra enrichment by the end of 8th grade.
I will actively work on this goal by taking my violin home and practicing the parts I don’t understand to improve intonation, work on dynamics in certain parts of the pieces, and practice vibrato to make the piece sound livelier with feelings. I will practice every other day at night for at least 30 minutes with the skills I want to improve on in mind.