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Glasses assesment

link to padlet:

Throughout the design process I developed many different ideas and sketched based around my ideas for the glasses.

We started sketching ideas: I started with 4 different ideas, a flame cut lense outlined, a light blue cloud lense idea, purple aviators, and the cat eye idea that I used as inspiration for my final idea.

From here I decided to use Idea 4 and work from there. I did some 3D and area sketched to:

After the 3D models and area view, we put this into Adobe Illustrator:

Illustrator workspace with all ideas and used shaped

Needed cut out for frames

Perfect fit and cut from frames 

ultimately I didn’t end up using either of these for my final. They were both framed to big and I think that my final idea over all looked cleaner and fit my intended audience better.

My main inspiration was from my intended user when she said she liked cat eye glasses. That gave me a lot to work with. From there she let me decided color, exact shape and style. I used a clear frame because then the glasses don’t take away from the users beauty.  The lenses for the glasses are intended to be see have a see through tint in-which the user can see out of. When looking upon the glasses though the lense will seem to be a mirror.


As you can see the arms are held on to the frames via a spring. This is because the design department didn’t have hinges and I wanted the arms to be able to fold back onto the frame. I had to get creative and think hard about how to do this. I looked around at what type of things were accessible. During this I saw things like: screws, tape, string, and springs. At first I tried to tie string around the arms and frames. That didn’t workout, the string kept slipping around and did not hold well to the acrylic frame.  That’s when I tried the springs. I was thinking that springs hold their shape and they can fold and move back into their original shape. Springs make me think of a childhood toy called a slinky. They used to be one of my favorite toys to play with, they can stretch and pull apart but always slink back together. I like using this to hold the arms together because now the arms can move in any direction and they won’t break off the frame.


Overall, I think I kept this process clear and straight through ending with a great final product.


Recycled soft plastic XXX

Precious Plastic Purse


The task was to design a type of bag, wallet, or purse out of recycled plastics. I decided to call my design the precious plastic purse (even though they are more of a small case for small items, not so much of a purse) The purpose of the precious plastic purse is to make carrying small items easier. It is small and manageable to have with you on the go. The intended audience is younger people and more environmentally friendly people. People who would also like to make things from recycled items.

I could improve on the color template and try working with different types of plastics. Widening my version. The most challenging aspect was working with a template and figuring out how to piece things together.

February 1rst:

My hopes for my design choices is to firstly make people think about how much plastic they use and secondly was for aesthetic purposes, I used the shiny silver plastic for its metallic look. I used cut out words from plastic bags to add some design and make it appealing. During the design process I found out that bubble wrap works really well as a stable base to work around so that coats the inside of the bag. The bag I produces is a small side bag that would be used to hold essentials like a phone, wallet, and made some other small items. (I didn’t take any pictures before we moved to online)  I decided that the strap of the bag will be made of a light chain link and there will be a dull metal spike clip to hold the bag shut.  I chose this because I think that it fits the aesthetic of the bag and matches the metal grunge look that the bag gives off.


PDF of a presentation poster of your product. (not finished in color yet)

I like the way the aesthetic is turning out and the over all function of the bag.  If I had more time I would’ve liked to fully finish the bag with the strap and clip but also make the feel of the bag. The feel of the bag is hard and it feels brittle.  I would like to try and figure out how to fix that. I think next time I would be more organized and focus on one design at a time.


             MOst recent one 


Steps I’ve done: sculpture unit


I’ve chosen the sculpture idea Words Hurt, because I believe that this sculpture will reach the hearts of those who see it and think about the message it will send.

Art Journal

My first idea was Disney symbols such as the glass slipper, the magic mirror etc. put into a collage. After that my ideas were mainly Disney themes, princesses, villains and sidekicks. After that I thought I was set with one idea (The villains) but then we spent like 3 lessons on generating ideas so the I came up with the TP throne idea. Generating ideas turned out to be harder then I thought.  These ones showed popular culture through well known characters and toilet paper a well known bathroom item most people use. One of the last ideas I generated (which is the one I used for my final art work is based of the popular message ‘Don’t judge a book by its cover’ and ‘Be careful who you trust’. Being based off a popular message rather then character or person my desicion will be hard to convey as POP art.  My Final three was the Angle devil design, one that was simply the angle and one that was a Disney collage. I liked the angle devil because it was more in-depth the the only angle one. I also like that it conveys message.


Marilyn Monroe Analysis

Created by Andy Warhol in 1967, a screen printed of Marilyn Monroe to show his appreciation of this famous figure. Warhol often does painting/ pictures of Ms. Monroe and has done countless versions of her. When looking at the picture you can see 4 different mediums, Yellow, pink, black, and a salmon shade of pink used to create her figure. When looking at this picture a little closer you may see a little bit of hatching used when shading. Warhol used a lot of lines and texture in this works this is to define Marilyn’s face and it make it look like she isn’t just the subject of the art but also a real person; to make her more recognizable. He used color to make the art pop. The colors used in his piece contrast between dark and light emphasizing one another. When it comes to the Content analysis there isn’t really much to say, because the subject is Marilyn Monroe and there is nothing else in this artwork. This piece doesn’t really convey a story and there’s no text within the work.  There is some design restraints like the use of only four colors and the simplicity of the piece, but also the fact that this artwork come along with no context/ no story to tell us why Warhol made this work. In 1967, Andy Warhol made his print-publishing business, in which he published loads of screen prints on his most well-known subjects such as Marilyn Monroe. Marilyn Monroe 1967 was the first screen print he published in his factory during the early years of pop art. This is one piece from a larger body of work. A collage of Marilyn Monroe’s.

Warhol, Andy. “Andy Warhol. Marilyn Monroe. 1967: MoMA.” The Museum of Modern Art, 28 Oct. 2015,


Studio Art Pre- Assesment

blind contour, negative space, and value drawings

The benefits of the drawing warm-ups are to loosen up your arm for a better drawing experience and an over all better piece

of art work.  As well as to look at the subject of your drawing rather then at the page you’re drawing it on.


I will try to warm up before I start drawing. As well as trying to look at the subject rather then the paper.


Final reflective blog post for Humor Unit

Writers use satire to add humorous effect to their stories. Satire is the use of mockery to expose individuals or the whole of a society for their craziness. They also use similes and metaphors to compare crazy very unlikely things. They also use things like play on words and unexpected twist to add elements of humor and to keep the reader interested in the text.  I would like to learn more about the creative process in writing a humorous text, along with the thoughts and stories behind them. During this unit I do believe that I achieved the SMART goal I set for myself, I set a dated work schedule for myself and completed the work in a timely manner with time to spare. The only challenge was trying to calm myself down to be able to get the work done, I was stressing for the entirety of this project worrying about the deadline and the amount of time left to complete it (even though I had my work done by the time I set for myself)I was stressing so much that I forgot to write a conclusion for my CER on the poem “My Mother Wants to Know if I’m Dead” written by Cristin O’Keefe Aptowicz, . Although there were a few challenges, I overall think that I did really well on this unit and would like to focus on the good things about this unit. I think that achieved my SMART goal with flying colors, I gave myself plenty of time to complete each task with some breathing room along with having some well thought out annotation and dialect journals. I have a lot of confidence in myself for this unit and that is also a success in my book because I rarely believe that I did good. Which is why I also believed I did well with my SAL goals/criteria with responsibility and attitude I truly believe that I excelled at the criteria for my SAL grade.  I think that I still need to grow in a fragment of the attitude portion because when stress and anxiety hit that’s when I get down on myself and my attitude shifts. I think that’s where I need to grow with my SAL grade.  English 9 has taught me a lot this year, its taught me things anywhere from social issues to grammar mistakes and has also help me accomplish a little bit of self-confidence that I needed to complete those Socratic seminars, I think that for grade ten I want to continue to work on my self-confidence to be able be put in uncomfortable situations and not make them worse. I want to be able to write an excellent paper (IDUP) and have the confidence to state my opinion. in situations where I would usually stay quiet.  I believe that will benefit me not only in high school but for the rest of my life.



Definition: forms a script from collaboration with an ensemble

How does Devised Theatre differ from Interpretive Theatre (theatre from a playwright and a script) AND how is it the same?

both are telling a story using physical theater, devised theater is making a script with input form the ensemble, interpretive theater is a type of theater where the audience interprets the message .

What are some steps that were discussed in devised or devising theatre? Make sure to reference the video you are getting your answer(s) from. For example say, “In the video titled WATCH this video #2”  They said that they drafted something together and tried it to see how it looks then if it wasn’t what they though they would rewrite and try it again. It’s a game of trial and error. 

What are some BIG IDEAS that stuck with you from the videos knowing that this is something we are going to explore? What new knowledge are you going to bring with you into the process?

I like the idea of working as a team to create something big


I think the most important new knowledge i learned it that trial and error is a good thing that can make you learn a lot.

Poster Ad

In this unit I learned how to become a good presenter and speaker. I learned how body language can effect a speech, how to use your voice to enhance the meaning of your speech.

Off Balance- Robin Hood video


It seems as tho that are either on a horse or maybe a carriage. It caught my eye by the way the ensemble body moved almost in unison, like they are one  and not multiple.


they used their fingers on the girls leg to represent fighting: This caught my eye because it was so simple yet funny and you could tell what was happening in the story. Things like that you don’t see very often 

Part 2 


When robin killed that guy and the rest of the ensemble pulled the other guy down it stood out to me because I think it represented death puling him down and that seemed really cool 

I thought the whole play was really cool because they performed the whole thing in a small rectangular space, and not only did each person play multiple characters but they were constricted into a small space and I thought that was really cool.

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