Yang guo qi (chuar) One day

.We are going to make chuar (yang guo qi in korean). We will choose the ingredients and sauce and the materials we use. We will go to local market to buy things.

The problems we have

  • The information about the food
  • The information about the market
  • The financial problem

What we expect

  • Make our own designed chuars
  • cook and eat ourselves
  • Learn about chuars more.

What we need (materials)

Grill, fire, meat(lamb) , skewer, seasoning, sauce, drinks, plate, coal, cup, bag, Rice

Informations that will help

-Video about how to make a skewer well

-Information about the sauce that will blend with sauce

– How to set up fire and how to cook chuar well




Teriyaki sauce (照り焼き)- Japanese soy sauce. Made with water, soy sauce, rice wine, oligosaccharide, sugar, onion, apple, spring onion, ginger, black pepper

Use brush to spread this sauce to the meat before cooked

curry sprinkles(करी)- made with spices and herbs. If its sprinkled in meats, it can give you a light feeling of meat and erasing the bad smell of the meat.

Sprinkle to the meat before cooked

Spicy chicken stew sprinkles (볶음탕 가루)- Its a sprinkle which you put in spicy chicken stew . It can increase the meat’s flavor and delete the smell of the meat.

Sprinkle to the meat before cooked



Today, I and my one day class started our day from meeting in the classroom and going to the local market. At the local market, I bought oil, drinks, plastic plat, and many other things. We returned to school and started to prepare the lamb and the chicken wings I bought by the recipe I created. I dipped in the chicken wings into the teriyaki sauce for 10 minutes and made the chuars and sprinkled salt and Spicy chicken stew sprinkles to prepare. Now, we started cooking. I cooked the chicken wings first. However, it was hard to cook until inside because it kept turning and the heat didn’t go to every part of the wing. Chuar were much easier than chicken because it was stable enough to not turn. I still managed to cook chicken after a few minutes.  I think One Day was pretty helpful because we tried things that we don’t do on a plain schedule such as developing recipes about meats and buying things at the reasonable limit in the local market. I thought One Day gave me an opportunity that you can do things which it’s not possible in normal school life

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