Define and Inquire Unit D-Log

The thing we did in this unit was hugely based on define and inquire. We defined and inquired various problems that is happening in Beijing and made various answers. The way i thought of my problem is because i thought there are so many Wai Mai delivery guys around Beijing but i didn’t actually knew if they were being affected by the air pollution.We practiced define and inquire to develop our tools which we made from our compelling questions and used MISO and actually tried to various peoples. The thing that inspired my data collection tool is the idea that is lead from my define and inquire question. The knowledge i create about my audience is about how serious Wai Mai delivery guys are suffering from air pollution out in Beijing. The skill i will need to practice to continue about my design is the inquiring stage. I should make more question that is efficient to the product i will make at the future.


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  1. sgriffin

    Thanks for this reflection, Andy. In the future, you should try to structure your responses around the specific prompts and make your blog posts more dynamic/compelling by incorporating images and links. Also, dont forget to categorise your posts so we can find them easily.

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