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According to Wikipedia, the Johari window is a technique that helps people better understand their relationship with themselves and others, which was made by Joseph Luft and Harrington Ingham, who are both psychologists. The Johari window’s primary purpose is first self-reflecting to find words that fit their personality and compare them with how other people think. Using the Johari window, we can notice what character is not known to self or others and can improve more in the future.

The picture below is my Johari Window. To know my personality better, I asked four friends who are very close to me to participate in the Johari window. In the Arena box, three words were strongly highlighted, which means that many of my friends thought I had the same personality as I thought. Considering that each person was supposed to pick five words, it is surprising that 3 of the word was highlighted. Also, there are no words in the Facade block, which means no points that my friends don’t see with my intention. However, there were more words in blind spot than arena box, .which means that I am not fully aware of my personality shown to others.

It’s kind of surprising that there are many aspects of personality that I missed. However, I was relieved that many of my friends had the same idea as me. Next time, I think we should collect more data since I can bring much more preciseness. It is always good to be with friends. Still, everyone should be mindful of how other people think about me and how I feel about other peoples.


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