My propaganda poster

The propaganda above shows a picture of my friend standing on a farm and me. The poster’s primary purpose is to advertise to join the peasant religion, which is directly mentioned in the left side of the propaganda, saying to join the peasant religion.  The words are written in russet color, which is a color that symbolizes peasants. The intended audience is anyone who does not have religion and people interested in peasant religion.

In the propaganda, two people are standing, which are my friend and me. It can be inferred that person on the left is the person who is leading the religion by the russet-colored shirt. There is another person other than me in the poster, which implies that everyone can join the peasant religion. Moreover, the strawberry that the person on the right holds has the symbolic meaning of trinity, which is venerated in any branch of the Christian religion. The definition of the trinity is harmony achieved when non of the aspect harms each other. The trinity can mean that the peasant religion contains elements that do not harm each other when applied in the propaganda above. However, since the person in the right, who is the follower of the religion, is holding the strawberry instead of the cult leader, the strawberry can symbolize that the person joining the peasant religion is the last aspect of the trinity and should join the peasant religion.

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