Hero Scene Analysis

The movie “Hero” by Zhang Yimou is based on warring state period, which is state of many countries trying to fight with each other to claim more land and power.


The scene from 11:00 to 16:50 portrays wuming’s first description of how defeated the first assassin, changkong. After fighting with each other for few combination of fights, changkong requested the old man a song, and the old man starts playing the zither. While the zither starts to play, both wuming and changkong does not fight physically but mentally. To show the change in the physical world and the mental world, the fight in mental world is portrayed in black and white. While the fight reaches the climax, the string of the zither snaps, and the fight reaches to an end, where wuming defeats changkong.


From the start of the fight and until wuming kills changkong and finishes the fight, the rains counties the rain. While wuming and changkong starts to fight, the rain dropping down is shown multiple times. When a solo shot of weichi board is shown, it can be noticed that it is under the rain. However, the placement of weichi board in before scene was near the old man playing zither, which is at a place that does not hit the rain. Inferring to this idea, it can be concluded that the weichi board symbolizes the thing that is happening in the mental fight and how complex and elaborated the fight is. (Weichi being the hard game that requires analyzing the opponent’s play and try to consider the step forward)


As the fight continues in mental world, the camera shows the outside world often too. The camera shows each Wuming and Changkong closing their eyes and concentrating inside their fight. Since each actor cannot express their feeling well while closing their eyes and not talking. However, their subtle expression in their faces tells the audience above how intense and what kind of phase in the fight they are having. When Wuming is in the attack, Changkong’s face expression feels intense and nervous, while Wuming when confident that he could win has a face expression with confidence. This kind of face expression increases the audience’s understanding of what is going inside the fight.


As the fight inside the mental starts, wuming requests for the old man to play the zither. The sound of zither starts to play as the fight inside the mental world starts and ends as the string of the zither snaps, the fight also stops. The music of zither stays constant during the fight as a background music and gives a more intense filling inside the fight by giving them a music

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