Johari Window Blog Post

According to Wikipedia, the Johari window is a technique that helps people better understand their relationship with themselves and others, which was made by Joseph Luft and Harrington Ingham, who are both psychologists. The Johari window’s primary purpose is first self-reflecting to find words that fit their personality and compare them with how other people … [Read more…]

Define and Inquire Unit D-Log

The thing we did in this unit was hugely based on define and inquire. We defined and inquired various problems that is happening in Beijing and made various answers. The way i thought of my problem is because i thought there are so many Wai Mai delivery guys around Beijing but i didn’t actually knew … [Read more…]

English reflective reading blog post

I read the martian for the reading time. It was a fun book to read since it shows about a science fictional story and I am almost done reading the book. This book was so entertaining that this book made me watch the martian motive as well too. I think i can achieve the reading … [Read more…]

CASE Presentation Goal D-log

This d-log is about the presentation of idea I made in Beijing flood issue. I meet many people and presented many time What will you do differently next time? 1- content: I can add about principal of responsibility and the challenges I faced 2-Communication: Even though I developed more body motion and eve contacts, I … [Read more…]