Hero Scene Analysis

The movie “Hero” by Zhang Yimou is based on warring state period, which is state of many countries trying to fight with each other to claim more land and power.   The scene from 11:00 to 16:50 portrays wuming’s first description of how defeated the first assassin, changkong. After fighting with each other for few … [Read more…]

Define and Inquire Unit D-Log

The thing we did in this unit was hugely based on define and inquire. We defined and inquired various problems that is happening in Beijing and made various answers. The way i thought of my problem is because i thought there are so many Wai Mai delivery guys around Beijing but i didn’t actually knew … [Read more…]

Design Challange #1

In this design challenge, we developed a plan to block a rain that is going to flood the ruin few days later. I first only thought to make a way to keep the water flowing outside. However, as the time went on, I thought that it won’t be able to block all the water since … [Read more…]

Summer reading

Since the Bible is too long, I just chose two books.I will only read the catcher in the rye if possible. The reason why I chose the Bible is because I’m kind of forced to read it and write essay. I also chose catcher in the rye because I just liked the cover. My goal … [Read more…]