Found Poem By Andy Xu




This found poem was created from W.W.Jacobs’ words in the story, “The Monkey’s Paw”. I chose the color black and red because black is a dark color and it is represented to the monkey’s paw and the darkness. Red sometimes is a scary color because blood is red, so it represented to the scary thing, and also darkness. I choose theme because it is important to a story.

The theme of this story is about be careful to wish, because you should pay that! “Monkey’s paw” I put Monkey’s paw here because it is the thing that causes to the story. “‘It’s just an ordinary little paw to look at,’ said Sergeant Major Morris, taking it from his pocket.” When they first met the monkey’s paw, they think that is only an ordinary little paw which do not has ability to realize three wishes. “Three wishes” is about you can have three wishes from the monkey’s paw. “‘And did your three wishes really come true?’ asked Mrs White.

‘Yes.’” This conversation has told us that the magic about monkey’s paw. “As Herbert played a loud, dramatic chord the old man suddenly cried out in a trembling voice. His wife and son ran towards him.” Here is about after Mr. White had the first wish. “The old man smiled faintly, put out his hands like a blind man, and fell to the floor, unconscious.” It is tell about Mr. White’s wish come true (200 pounds) but his son die, it is an unprofitable wish. “Wish!” I have high light three “wish” in the story and all of them was spoke by Mrs White. After her son has died, she is going to be crazy, she wanted to save her son.

30 Words Poem


a student who is different from others,

like playing basketball           and swimming,

honest       and accommodating,

positive         and never give up,

no matter other people laugh at me,

I just do        what I should do,

And never stop running          and fighting!




1.Honest(adj.): Do not trick others. I think honest is important to everyone!

2.Accommodating(adj.): It’s a very good virtue that I think everybody should have. Such as if someone falls down, you should help him, not just stand there and watch him.

3.Running(n.): I put this word here because my personality is being hopeful to everything. When a person is looking forward to a work, he won’t give up!

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