Percy Jackson(Rising Action and the Climax)

  1. Connect with the conflict. Write a text-to-self response in which you connect with how the protagonist overcomes one of the conflicts listed in the definitions above. (You may need to include a spoiler alert.) Who or what has the main character been struggling against? Ask yourself if you’ve overcome a similar struggle. Your first paragraph must explore one type of conflict in your independent novel and provide MLA formatted quotes to show your understanding of the type of conflict. Your second paragraph should be a much longer paragraph, in which you describe your own struggle to overcome the same type of conflict that the protagonist struggles to overcome. Include specific examples from your own life.



I’m reading a book called Percy Jackson And the Sea of Monster, which is the second book of this series. This book tells about few years ago, Zeus’s daughter was nearly died, then Zeus made her be a tree and protected a place. In this book, monsters came to that place which Zeus daughter was there at that time. They ruined a lot of things and someone injected poison in Zeus’s daughter (at that time she was still a tree). Then Percy and his friends tried to find the golden fleece, because it can heal Zeus’s daughter. And monsters also needed that to make their king be alive again, so they got a competition. At last Percy got the golden fleece and cured Zeus’s daughter and made her alive.

The conflict in this book I think is man vs monsters, because Percy and monsters both needed to get the golden fleece. I also have a similar experience with this. Few years ago, I was because of wanted to buy a toy which was the only one in that shop fought with my friend. I think Percy is very brave that he not afraid of anything, and never give up.

The climax of the conflict in this book I think is the part that Percy and his friends tried to get the golden fleece. Because it is the most dangerous part that they have met in this whole book, get the golden fleece is their goal, and also if they got that, they would save the place which have been destroyed by monsters. I found a quote that can prove my thinking. In chapter 16, page 215, it says “‘You stole the Fleece!’ I yelled. ‘You’ve been using it to lure satyrs to their deaths!’”

The rising action of the conflict in this book I think is the part that they noticed they were in dangerous, and so hard to get the golden fleece. I think the rising action of the conflict in this book is starts at here(quote): “‘Camp,’ she said at last. ‘Big trouble at camp.’”

Exposition of Percy Jackson And The Sea Of Monsters

I’m reading this book called Percy Jackson And the Sea Of Monster. It is written by Rick Riordan.

I found a conflict in this book:

On page one, Percy noticed that his best friend “Grover” has been catched by a monster, but on that day, Percy also need to participate in the anniversary of his seventh-grade end. So, he didn’t know how to choose. but in the end of this book, Percy join in the anniversary and also saved his best friend. This conflict is about Man VS self, because if he choose one, he must lose another one..

I have also met this kind of thing before. One day in last year (In my seventh grade), I planned to go home and play video games, when I almost got on the bus, my best friend found me and asked me to help him fix his computer. At first, I didn’t want to help him, but I realized that if I missed the bus, I just need to wait to another bus, or called my parents to drive to home. But if his computer couldn’t be fixed he couldn’t work normally,’ and it would effect to his score of study. So, I helped him.