One Day Reflection

Today we made many chuars (chicken wings and lamp), it taste very good.

The things that I did well was cooking, I have learned a lot, including learned how to distribute the work properly to all the team members and how to make the taste of the chuar better. The obstacle for us was that we lost the grills, but later the teacher lend his grill to us. One Day is so important because it could let us learn more things which we can never learn them from the class! It’s a memorable day!


I think we are making traditional Chuars. We will design our own Chuar and make the recipe. Later we will cook it. by ourselves.


  • The recipe of the Chuars
  • How to make chuars
  • Where are we going to make a chuar
  • How much money do we have


  1. Research about Chuars
  2. Make a unique recipe
  3. Buy ingredients
  4. Find a place which has a good cooking condition
  5. Make it!




鸡翅 20串—-Chicken Wings


橙子2个—- 2 oranges

料酒1 瓶—– cooking wine

  • 生抽1瓶—- light soy sauce


蚝油1 瓶—oyster sauce


盐1 包—sault

糖1 包— sugar

  • 孜然粉1包—-cumin powder


—-Bill, James

Extra staff:打火机、木炭、助燃剂、网架、烧烤叉、烧烤夹(夹取生食)、烧烤铲(翻转食物)、竹签、牙签、小毛刷、水果刀、锡箔纸、报纸、一次性盘、一次性手套、湿巾纸、 垃圾袋

Tools: lighter, charcoal, combustibles, net rack, barbecue fork, barbecue clamp (take raw food), barbecue shovel (flip food), bamboo pick, toothpick, small brush, fruit knife, foil, newspaper, disposable plate, disposable gloves, wet towel paper, seasoning bottle (empty bottle), tablecloth, barbecue apron, garbage bag


—-Andy, Tony


Chicken wings: Bill and James

  • Wash the raw chicken, soak in cool water for more than one hour
  • Cut the fur of scallion and ginger, slice it
  • Add the light soy sauce
  • Add oyster sauce
  • Add cooking wine
  • Add thirteen spices
  • Add salt, depending on personal favor, stir up the sauce
  • Wash the orange, cut its fur and put it above the chicken wings.
  • Preserve the chicken wings for forty minutes
  • Bunch the skewers with chicken wings, two skewers one wing
  • Barbecue the chicken wings on the racks, keep the temperature at 200 c for 15 minutes, need to use ovenware, put some water on it.
  • Brush sauce (cumin powder and cooking oil) on the chicken wings, barbecue it for five minutes, then reverse the side, brush the sauce on and barbecue it for another 8 minutes.



Mutton string, salt, oil, chili powder, sesame, sedan powder, barbecue powder mixed into the powder


Cut up the mutton and string it up.

Brush the oil before baking.

Preheat the oven to 220c before baking, sprinkle the mixture of ingredients 2 in the middle and bake for about 20 minutes.

Beef Procedures:


1, beef cut into toothpick long size square

  1. Cut the beef into 0.3cm thick slices

3, pepper chopped reserve, if there is chili powder is better

  1. In a large bowl, add cumin powder, five-spice powder, pepper and salt to the beef
  2. Add the light soy sauce, oyster sauce and sesame oil
  3. Mix all ingredients well, cover with plastic wrap and refrigerate overnight (one more trip, one more day).

7, burn a pot of boiling water, hot wash bamboo stick disinfection

8, the marinated beef with a toothpick on the string, you can eat more on a string

9, do not want to roast 2 times, on the string of 9 just a gold plate of the amount, if the family more, can be less on the string, it seems that the amount of a little more

  1. Put the beef skewers in the middle and lower layers of the preheated oven, roast them at 160 c and 170 c for 10 minutes, and then drain the water from the marinated beef sauce
  2. Return the beef skewers to the lower and middle layers of the oven, and cook for 18 minutes at 165 degrees and 175 degrees respectively
  3. Halfway through the roasting, remove the beef skewers and turn them over to continue roasting
  4. Roast beef skewers and sprinkle with white sesame seeds