Second Polymer Journal


The goal of my project is to make a protection to computers. My target audience is the person who’s computer has usually been crashed on the ground. The polymer that I’m creating is the polymer when something hits on it really hard, it’s really stiff, but when something just goes into it very slow, it’s very soft, and somehow become a liquid. Even bullets shot from a gun can not go through it (Science Alert, Liquid Armour Is Now A Thing, And It Stops Bullets Better Than Kevlar). So when the computer falls on the ground, this polymer will perfectly protect the computer since it’s very stiff. The specific characteristic of this polymer that is best for my design problem is stiff when fast hit. And in order to attract customers to buy my product, I have made my product different from other products. First of all, the unique characteristic soft when poking slowly and stiff when hitting fastly could draw a lot of customers’ interest since it’s unique, you know as the salary for people in China increased, more and more people are buying things that are looks good, so this products could really attract this kind of people. Secondly, it is much stiffer than other protectors, since even bullets could not go through it, so it could provide a better protection.


For example, one of my clients is my mom, she usually crashed her computer to the ground, which created a lot of pits at the edge of the computer, and that even happened when she got some protections. So, I will put the product I that created by me into use on my mom’s computer, and because of that, the pits on the side of the computer would never exist.




FIONA MACDONALD, Science Alert, Liquid Armour Is Now A Thing, And It Stops Bullets Better Than Kevlar, 10 APR 2015,

One thought on “Second Polymer Journal

  1. I like the research and the overall idea. It is ooblek. My question will be how you will get it to be on your computer.
    I like your Mom being an authentic client.
    At least you have one visual :).

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