Third Polymer Journal

The physical properties I want my polymer to have are:

1. Be hard so it could protect the computer.

2. The shape and appearance of the polymer could return back once been hit.

Plan to develop different prototypes:

I need to mix solid and liquid into a whole body so that it’s hard and reversible. And because of that, I found cornstarch and water. They are actually perfect for mixing them together. They can form as a whole, and also it’s both solid (cornstarch) and liquid(water). Basically it’s the mixture of water molecule and cornstarch molecule, and when you put you finger slowly into it, it’s a liquid because there’re water molecules, but when you just punch it, it became a solid because the force makes water molecules to go down to the bottom, so the surface are all made by cornstarch molecules, which is a hard solid.

Method to test the prototypes for my desire properties:

I will make some procedures first, then try it out,  then I’m looking for two features of my product to determine whether that the one I expect to get or not: 1. is it hard enough. 2. Can the shape go back once been hit? If the product has all of the two features, then this product is the one I expect to get.






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One thought on “Third Polymer Journal

  1. Do you know what is a Newtonian fluid is? I see you have something cited but you don’t talk about it – Newtonian?
    What specific tests will you do?
    How is the ooblek going to protect if it is sealed in something?

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