Fifth Polymer journal

1)How to make non-newtonian fluid:

  1. Add 100 ml of water.
  2. Add 200 g of cornstarch.
  3. While adding the cornstarch, mix it slowly.

2) Claim: The non-newtonian fluid is the most successful prototype.


  1. bullet-proof.
  2. very soft (just like a liquid) when poking slowly.
  3. Very very hard when poking really fast.


Because our aim is to make a computer protector, so a very hard surface can really work in that case, and our polymer is even bullet-proof! Our polymer is also soft when touching slowly, which could attract more customers to buy it since it’s very weird.


a. The entire design process:

b. Product pitch to the dream on team: I think it’s great because everyone just tried their best, and there’s no big mistake during the presentation.

c. The sustainability of my polymer: I think we did a really good job in this part, because all of our materials are environmentally friendly.

One thought on “Fifth Polymer journal

  1. Andy interesting polymer journey. Wished you would have spent more time about the design of the computer case, etc. That is what really seemed interesting.
    The oobleck is the easy part.

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