reflection on socratic seminar

The things I did well in today’s socratic seminar are:

  1. I made proper eye contacts. Even though I used computer to keep track with my notes, I still look at the speakers to show my respect.
  2. I asked deep understanding questions, I asked some questions that are not only limited to what really happened, but to the symbolism. For instance, I asked what does the second basketball game, which is the one that Reardon beat Wellpinit, mean in a deeper understanding of the book.
  3. I built on others’ points and answered others’ questions.
  4. I analyzed cartoons in the book the pointed out important evidence inside. For example, I pointed out that most of the pictures on “Why I did actually miss a lot of school” are related to poverty and death, and this shows people in reservation are irrational.

The things I did not do well are:

  1. My language was not formal and precise, and I used words as “like” and “um” when speaking. I think this is because I was so afraid of speaking, and will improve later when I speak more.
  2. My sitting position is not really good, I did not sit upstraight.

Socratic Seminar Practice

The things I did well in today’s class are that I encouraged others to express their opinions and responded to the questions in a deeper way to show my understanding. For instance, I claimed that the win in the second basketball match between Reardon and reservation not only marks as a sport winning, but also the failure in reservation’s life. Then I asked my group mates to add something on my claim.

I still have parts that need to improve on for the next socratic seminar. My logic is moving too fast, which then made my sentences to be confusing. I need to slow down the pace and fix my logic before speaking. Sometimes I could not even follow myself.