English formative and summative assessment reflection

There is a lot that I learned from these two assessments. At the start of this unit, when I watched people’s presentation, I was astonished and can’t believe that they could analyze so many details, any small object on the cartoon could just be interpreted as a big event. In the formative assessment, I realized that I also own this analytical ability. If I spend enough time looking at every detail and researching on the contexts of the cartoon, it would just be really easy to know what each element represents. I could even analyze the small dragon symbol on the mask in the medicine poster that I looked at, and this gives me hope that I can do well on it. In the summative assessment, it is another step for me to get better, I was looking at a political cartoon that has that is describing the relationship between the U.S. president, D. Trump, and the coronavirus. At first, I didn’t notice that Trump is drawn in this cartoon. But after browsing through many of his caricature pictures, I realized his main features, for instance, hair and face color, and lips. So, when I looked back at that cartoon, I distinguished D.Trump in it immediately. On the other aspect, I improved my public speaking skills. I don’t feel too strained anymore when speaking, and could build up a mind of slowing down and make interval pauses. Therefore, the experience of the English formative and summative assessment on cartoon analyzing could be the commencement of my public speaking and interpreting skills. It makes me realized that I can do it and gives me confidence.