English 9 Final Reflection Blog Post

In this unit, I learned about several ways humor is created within the language. In the One-act play “Drinking companion” that I read through, I realized that the writer uses irony and pun to make humorous effects. For example, irony happens when Harry, a character in the play, states he is not a drinker while drinks all lunchtime and nighttime: “I’m not hooked on it. I can go for weeks without a drink, you know, if I have to.” (10). A pun is at the use of “scent sprays” (8), which has the meaning of both make someone attractive and letting someone defend against the predator. During the process of analyzing the poem, “Perfect for Any Occasion”, I found out that the author, Alberto Rios, uses personification of pies as humans throughout the whole text to generate humor in which they “talk” (36), “wear makeup” (12), etc. Rios reveals his idea of how to face changes in society by using examples from food. All of these techniques create humor, which breaks boredom and makes readers relax mentally. In this unit, I focused mainly on analyzing texts, so I still would like to learn more about how visual plays create humor, for instance, how does the way performers act make the audience laugh.


I met my SMART goal for this unit, which is getting better on organizing different points in a CER to create a logical mind flow for readers. This can be reflected through the feedback I get from people on my poem analysis CER, as they can clearly see the relationship between each point and can logically flow with the argument. The most challenging part for me in this unit is to paraphrase every line in a poem to a simple form, which means I must capture their intended meaning and know what literal techniques are being used with what effects on readers. This is a process for me to be better at analyzing poems as I carefully annotated every line and thought deeply on them.


For SAL standards, I think I am MEE/MAS for the Responsibility section. I actively ask and act upon feedbacks both from teachers and students and work independently with appropriate resources. I only pass the deadline with teacher’s permission. The way to improve on it is to turn works in before the due date. For the Attitude section, I rate myself MAS because I take the initiative to work with ambitious but achievable goals. I never try to avoid challenges but face them with my best effort every time. I will maintain my passion for responsibility and attitude.


This year, I got more experienced in writing. I learned a lot on how to write a persuasive text throughout English 9, from “An Absolutely True Diary of A Part-Time Indian” to the “Sun Yang Event”, and to the poetry CER. These have all been my true experience and I will remember them forever. I also got to know and used many literal techniques, for example, rhetorical question, repetition, logo, patho, and etho. Next year, I will assign myself more books to read to improve myself as a better English speaker and a better writer, especially in writing persuasive tasks since I use it a lot in daily life.

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